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Aster is a sibling duo bringing more than a splash of color to the world around them.  Sisters Olivia & Sarah appear to have a bright future ahead of them combining their classical training, theatrical influences and a distinct flavor of commercial pop music.  

Having both learned music from an early age, they have also studied at the Conservatory of Annie Moses where they have refined their songwriting skills.  As performers they have graced the stages of the Bluegrass Underground, Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, an the Opry as part of other ensembles. 

The girls from middle Tennessee are setting out on a journey to bring wholesome, fun and relatable music to listeners around the globe.

The band was born in 2019 with a vision to share truth and beauty through their music.  Their debut recordings were captured in Nashville the following summer.

The videos for Little Things and Kaleidoscope capture their creativity and personality with polished pop songs that will connect with teens, families and adults alike.

“Aster Music captured my heart. I love the life stories presented with a clear, crisp, beautiful, voice and inspiring music to match the best - rising stars with a talent much appreciated!” -Debbie

“I think what I love most about Aster is how everyone in our family enjoys the songs so much. From my husband, all the way down to our seven year old daughter; it is such a gift! It brings us good tears, great big smiles, and lots of fun as a family! We will definitely be keeping them on our daily playlists!” - Lauren


“Each note is filled with nostalgia, the feeling when you close your eyes—you find yourself standing on a hilltop with wind moving your hair.  The type of music that you smile on the inside without even knowing it.” - Galia

Debut EP available now!



  • Instagram
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