November 29th                            Felicity Christmas Concert              Peachtree Learning Center

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December 4th                             Peachtree Christmas Concert              Washington Avenue Baptist Church

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Recent Performances

November 16th, 2018                                Felicity at Santa's Workshop

October 27th, 2018                      Felicity Band at Franklin Pumpkinfest
October 20th, 2018                          Felicity Band at Tri-Star Motor Co.

October 18th, 2018                 Felicity Band at Peachtree Fall Fundraiser

October 16th, 2018                                        49th GMA Dove Awards

August 25th, 2018                               Felicity Band at "Clay All Day"

for Habitat for Humanity

August 17th, 2018                       Felicity Band at Sparta Green Market 

July 12-15th, 2018                   The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival

June 8th, 2018                                                    The Coffee Collective

June 7th, 2018                                                               Private Event