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It is good to sometimes slow down and realize what dreams have come true. Dreams are healthy, because they are short term hopes that can be fulfilled, if we stop to appreciate them. Of course the ultimate hope is eternal life. But isn’t it sweet that God gives us hopes and dreams for things here on earth, and then fulfills them? Stopping to realize them and appreciate fulfilled hopes should encourage us to live in a state of perpetual Hope.

Hope for eternity.

Our culture is addicted to complaining. Christians are the worst at it. It’s like complaining is a virtue - like I’m a better person if I complain “better” about something to people I interact with. This is not the way to live! the Bible says to live and love with NO COMPLAINING! Sure we can all have our weak moments and even justified reasons for complaining about things or circumstances now and again. Putting on a face saying everything is "hunky dory" (Christmas in Connecticut peeps!) is not good either. But a habit of complaining leads to a lifestyle of doubt and a worldview with hopelessness lingering in the corner. We are called to be hopeFUL! Stop focusing on the dreams that haven’t come true, or the ones that didn’t come true. Focus on the dreams that have come true, or the ones that are coming true.

In 1 Samuel Hannah dreamed for a child. She prayed fervently for a long time!!! That story is short in the scriptures, but think about how long it would have felt for her to spend her married life to date praying and yearning for a child. In the end her humility and obedience to God and persistence in pursuing her dream and surrendering it before the Lord over and over again brought forth one of His greatest prophets, and she had several children after her firstborn.

So dreams, childhood or recent, are good. Healthy, even. Usually they are there for a reason. As long as we slow down enough to appreciate them, and let them deepen our ultimate hope of spending eternity in the glory of the Lord. Unfulfilled dreams provide an opportunity to surrender something to the Lord, and oh how much there is to learn when in a state of surrender. So join me in ceasing to complain, and start celebrating the fulfilled.

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