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The Pace of Patience

Peace. Patience. Two of the fruits of the spirit. Two elements our world is waging war against. In a culture that glorifies instant gratification, it is often a foreign concept to simply wait.

Patience can often be a measured reaction, but what if it is a lifestyle? Does anyone think about the pace of life anymore? The standard set in the 90s (ish) was kids go to school 8-3, do an activity 3-5 a couple of days a week (sports or poorly learn an instrument), hang out with friends on the weekends. Mom and Dad work 8-5, heat up frozen dinners at night, hang out with friends on the weekends. At least 1 week of vacation per year; hopefully a girls trip away and a guys trip away to “escape the kids”. Congratulations 90s, you set the tone for a few decades of America.

We’re now in the 20s of the new millennia with the integration of the internet, the corruption of the education systems, and a generation of kids with divorced parents, sometimes grandparents and great grandparents. Did the template of the progressive American lifestyle work? Debatable. With the most advanced forms of instant gratification at our fingertips, we are also living in an age of rising homesteading, farming, homeschooling, entrepreneurship and creativity. The current fad diet is “keto” and “farm to table” - a saying that has been around since the beginning of time but suddenly became a brand. I can’t help but think that everyone (urban and rual) is craving food that brings life, and lessons learned from the process of actually cooking, or at least food that has been actually prepared (Plato’s Analogy of the Cave, anyone?).

I live a slightly urban lifestyle in a somewhat rural area. I don’t farm, but many people in my town do. I don’t live on a large plot of land, but am 5 min away from driving through acres of undeveloped fields and farms. I recently visited NYC for some concerts. I couldn’t help but notice the local health food stores everywhere. Along with your expected hot dog street vendors and Starbucks, there were organic bakeries, kombucha and vitamin supplement displays everywhere. In my opinion the best food in town is anything French. NYC Frenchmen have it figured out!! Why are they a hit? Because they take the time to actually whip the cream, to let the pastry rise higher than Pillsbury. French Press coffee literally requires time to allow the coffee to brew, and is best after a slow press. They don’t mind patience - they’ve elevated it to a culinary art form.

When I think about patience, I am challenged to think about the pace of patience. To be patient requires being. To be requires patience. They are interchangeable. May we accept a pace of patience in our lives, in whatever season we find ourselves in.

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