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Making Magic

With every step I take into womanhood the more I realize what we are capable of, and what we are designed to do. I am convinced home making is a magical skill.

Growing up and through teenage/adolescence years, we did our job helping out with chores, learning to cook and clean, etc. We started personally decorating our bedrooms, thinking about what pictures we wanted on the walls, which night stand lights looked best, etc.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself running a household. On the day to day responsibilities, there’s food prep, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, pet care. Plus all work and creative responsibilities that come with being an entrapanour and an active musician! Sometimes it feels like a lot, but instead of giving into being overwhelmed, I have found amazement at the sheer ability to actually do it all. I don’t claim that I do it all well all the time, or that I don’t ever get behind, but really, the capability is there. That realization brings such joy and a “calling up” of inner maturity. I think that’s part of sanctification.

Little habits like “the dishes will get done later” or “I’ll toss those jeans over there and somehow in a week they’ll get washed” or “someone should really clean that window” suddenly became actionables. Now I get up from a fun movie and actually go clean the kitchen for the evening, so the morning is more peaceful and focused on the day ahead. Now I’ll go start that load of laundry and make sure to get it dry quickly, so we have clean clothes tomorrow. Instead of wishing something clean, just take those 2 minutes and grab the cleaner!

It’s the magic of the every day that make women "magicians". It’s the nurturing woman that makes a household run. A well-managed household sets the stage for a creative, loving, and anchored life. Giving our husbands a place to call home; resting in what we have made and maintain. Seeking the Lord and nurturing children in “our world (called 'home')” is such an inspiring life.

There are way too many stereotypes for women out there, no thanks to Hallmark and Instagram (both of which I am a moderate fan!). From reading this it can sound like I’m very crunchy and only stay at home and make bread. Actually I’ve never made bread in my life, and I work outside the home every day. My husband and I have creative schedules with one or both of us out late at night with gigs or rehearsals much of the time. No two days are the same, and we have no idea what life will look like in 5 years, but that’s how we like it. Not micro-managed and hyper-controlled, but committed and surrendered. How do I fit in the homemaking stuff? I don’t know; that’s where the magic comes in. Somehow making time to make a home creates more time for the rest of what needs to be done, like writing this blog, learning a new show, recording tracks, experimenting with and re-working songs, managing a teaching studio. It just happens.

I see that deep down, all women long for this. There’s some sort of subconscious knowing that we were designed to make a home for a family. It’s part of being a woman.

There’s an inner need to "make magic" for the everyday.

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1 Comment

Amen!! Love this. God gives us the ability to lay down our lives at the foot of the cross and do the hard work of keeping our homes well. I think He somehow makes it possible to keep up with everything when we become wives/moms. He's so GOOD!! And the joy and mental clarity we receive from maintaining clean, tidy, calm spaces are mind-boggling!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always love reading these posts <3

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